Interactive content creation, management and distribution

icon Dynamic, interactive knowledge system
icon Immersive content creation
icon Interactive design and production
icon Incorporates video, PowerPoint, graphics, PDFs to create seamless interactive content
icon Comprehensive Learning Management System
icon Device independent: works across TV, PC, tablet and smartphone
icon AI-powered simultaneous translation in over 40 languages

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Content creation

Leading-edge AI technology to build engaging, relevant content

icon AI powered content creation tools
icon AI-powered content summarisation
icon Content search tools
icon AI-powered content proofing
icon AI-generated avatars and commentary

Content delivery

Integrated, cross-platform content distribution

icon Live streaming across social media platforms
icon Interactive distribution
icon Content syndication library facilities to host 3rd-party content
icon Automated language translation in over 40 different languages including Gaelic
icon Delivery customisation: personalised playlists and branding

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